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    Life's Too Short

    Tuesday 18th March 2008, 8:55pm

    From time to time, I’ll mention to someone that I have a blog. And from time to time they’ll tell me, in no uncertain terms;

    “I don’t have time to blog”

    Which is fine. I went to school with a couple of people who didn’t have time to wash. I know several people who don’t have time to see their friends.

    I blog as a way of sharing things with people I care about. So if someone doesn’t have time to do that, then I understand.

    It’s normally another few minutes before the person who doesn’t have time to blog makes their second confession;

    “I get 100% of my business through referrals”

    To which I think that the response they are looking for is possibly a round of applause, or a look of burning envy. Which is a shame, because my response is to think to myself;

    “Isn’t that just a tiny bit unimaginative?”

    Your entire business life is fuelled by what you get given? You react. Not even 20% of it is the result of the long shots you take, those calculated cold calls to the people you dream of working with?

    So next time someone tells you that they are too busy to blog…or that they get 100% of their work through referrals, have a think about what that’s REALLY saying about them.

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