Now Wash Your Hands

Now Wash Your Hands

I’m getting quite a lot of emails these days with a question at the bottom;

“Do you really need to print this email?”

I got one today from a VERY large newspaper company. Which made me wonder whether I should add a question to my reply;

“Do you really need to cause the whole of London to be littered with your free paper?”

All of this makes me wonder how long it will be before other questions start to appear;

“Have you washed you hands?”

“Did you eat your breakfast this morning?”

“Do you really need to take a cab to meet us or could you walk?”

Have you ever read one of these message and thought ‘you know what, I’m not going to print it’? Maybe you have! Or maybe you’re a sensible person who doesn’t need reminding.

Why don’t people start putting links at the bottom of their emails to things they find amazing or inspiring rather than tagging them with mildly irritating messages suggesting how their colleagues behave?

And on the off chance that this post has inspired you…I leave it entirely to your own judgement what to do with it.

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