Networker Notes 08/05/08

Networker Notes 08/05/08

I have filtered these for your interest;

UK Catalyst Awards (These awards for pro-social technology launch this evening…more about them soon)

Shine, the Unconference for Social Entrepreneurs (Jess Tyrell, one of the producers, is amazing and I’m a massive fan of Unltd)

Pangea Day (this is the output of one of the TED prizes – can’t believe it’s only just properly shown up on my radar)

DrinkTank (hats off to the team at Huddle for organising this, which meets again on the 14th May).

GeeKyoto 2008 [fixing the broken world] (co-organised by the excellent Ben Hammersley)

Thought for the day;

We’ll all have heard the analogy about ‘turning an oil tanker’, when speaking with a large organisation, whether in the public or private sector. A colleague mentioned yesterday that a friend’s father used to command oil tankers for a living. The time that it takes actually takes to perform this manoeuvre; Half and Hour.

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