"This is Amazing" say Twitter users

"This is Amazing" say Twitter users

What do you find when you search Twitter to discover what has so inspired someone that they use the phrase;

“This is Amazing”?…

1) Wallpaper which changes colour according to the heat.  Willy Wonka would have loved this

2) Photo shows Phoenix descending to the Martian surface underneath its parachute.  Read the words below the shot.

3) R2D2 translator; Admittedly seconds rather than hours of fun…

4) A moving story of a man who took a polaroid every day, until the day he died

5) Meanwhile, a woman comes back to life in Ohio

6) A GCSE exam paper had some of the answers carefully hidden…on the back.

7) A scary walk along a mountain path is one for the producers of Indiana Jones

8) Want to make a Long Bet?  Try making a 25 year prediction on this site.

Idea for TV or Radio show;  Use this concept to underpin a new show in which “Amazing” things are uncovered and discussed in a weekly, half hour format.

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