Napkin Notes: Michael Norton

Napkin Notes: Michael Norton

Napkin notes from an extremely enjoyable cup of tea last week.   Michael Norton is a social entrepreneur and author of 365 Ways to Change the World.  I could have talked with him all day.  During our conversation, he brought a number of interesting people and organisations to my attention.  Dusting off my biscuit crumbs, here are a few of them;

Bill Drayton is the founder of Ashoka, the global network of social entrepreneurs.

Jimmy Boyle is a Scottish sculptor and novelist who was formerly a gangster.

Rob The Rubbish is the nickname of retired social worker Rob Kevan who has picked up litter from some of the most remote places in the land.  This is one to share with that film producer friend of yours.  Just make sure they cut Rob into the deal!

The Young Achievers Trust is all about celebrating inspirational young achievers.  As we all know from reading the newspapers, to say that this is needed would be the understatement of the month.

The Tudor Trust is an independent trust which I’ve only just come across.  Certainly one to bear in mind if you know people looking to fund something which will “achieve lasting change in their communities”.

Started in Brazil, Fight for Peace “provides practical alternatives to crime and organised armed violence for children and youth in disadvantaged communities through sports, education, access to the formal work market, the promotion of a culture of peace and building youth leaders”.  They began their work in London last year and the site is well worth checking out.  

Question this week:  The papers are full of news which makes us feel less not more positive about the world.  For stories of human triumph we have to turn to the obituaries or the sports pages.  If told well, how could we tell more stories about interesting people doing interesting things?  Not worthy, not boring.  Fresh, funny, quirky, interesting, uplifting.  Stories which make you feel positive about the world, not negative.  The stories are out there.  Are the readers and advertisers out there?  Who would like to co-create this?



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