Inspiration at 30,000ft

Inspiration at 30,000ft

American Airlines MD-82 N455AA by caribb.

Inspiration comes unexpectedly.  As Archimedes found, as he reclined in his Radox bath, before leaping out and dancing around the room with his rubber duck.  It was therefore a little surprising to find entrepreneurial enlightenment at 30,000ft, onboard an American Airlines flight to San Francisco.  Picking up the Skymall magazine, which showcases the latest and greatest gadgets on the market, I expected that the innovation contained within would peak at a pair of strap-on spikey sandals to aerate the garden.   They were there all right.  But so much more lay in wait!  Reader, it was a veritable Dragon’s delight.  Here is just a selection of the most eye-catching gems;

1. The Floating Wireless Speaker (hours of pool-time entertainment, Archimedes would have loved this)
2. The Dough-nu-matic  Mini-Doughnut Making Machine (Archimedes good friend Homer Simpson’s favourite)
3. The Digital Camera Swim Mask
4. The Discreet Hat Massager (an Indian head massage hidden under a baseball cap)
5. The Pet Ramp and Staircase
6. The Blinking-Eye Glasses (help you to look awake in meeting)
7. The ‘keep your distance’ Bug Vacuum (sucks up insects from over 2ft away)
8. The Marshmallow Shooter (fires marshmallows across the room – how useful)
9. The Pet’s Observation Porthole (now your dog can see through walls)
10. The Portable Swimwear Rotating Dryer
11. The Remote Grill Alert, which tells you when your food is ready, from up to 300ft away
12. The Rotating Washing Line with built in Umbrella, for those unexpected showers

OK I admit.  I may have made one or two of those up.  OK three.  But which three?  A special prize (OK a Souvenir Speednetworking Whistle) awaits the first person to correctly identify the three bluffs!

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  1. I’m not sure which are the made up ones, but I do know the pet ramp had us laughing all the way to New York earlier in the year. That dog looked like he really wanted to get onto that bed and make a mess!

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