The Five Pounds Challenge

IMG_2402 by you.
“You’re five pounds over weight”, said the bag lady.  Call me ungentlemanly for using this moniker (or whatever her name was), but technically, she had just called me a fatty.  As I began blaming the burrito (I am still recovering), it transpired that it was my rather large suitcase which was causing the trouble.  As Monica back-pedalled, she began urging me to offload some of suitcase A into holdall B, to save myself the fifty dollar fine.  Fifty dollars if you please!  Just imagine how many burritos that buys!  Sucking my cheeks in, I lamented that holdall B was already full to bursting, and that any attempt to juggle the contents would end in disaster.  She looked at me with a mixture of sympathy and confusion as, defeated, I hobbled off up the aisle.

Facing a hefty fine, I glanced at my watch to see that I was also facing a hefty missing of flight.  Swivelling my head around and about, I caught the bag man’s eye (calm down, wait til you hear what he told me).  “Excuse me, will I be OK for the nine forty to LA?”  “Probably not”, he replied, and wandered off.  Wandered off if you please!  In my hurry through check in, I almost forgot to pay the fine.  Well actually I completely forgot.  Because, actually, they completely forgot to mention it.  I must have looked like I needed the extra pounds. 

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