Catching Up; San Francisco

Catching Up; San Francisco


I’ve been catching up with Rebeca Hwang of YouNoodle, who masterminded last week’s San Francisco event, with a quick few questions;

OB:  Hi Rebeca, can you  tell our reader, briefly, what YouNoodle does?

RH: YouNoodle develops innovative ways to bring together the information, people and technology that help startups succeed.

We provide a platform for so far 50 of the world’s top university entrepreneurship clubs and competitions, serving tens of thousands of members and thousands of startups. Our tools help to effectively manage business competitions, events, mailing lists and community development.

Startup Predictor is the first in a series of decision-making tools YouNoodle plans to introduce for the startup industry. Our development team studied thousands of current and past startups, using both publicly available and proprietary data, to determine patterns of predictive factors for early-stage companies’ success.

YouNoodle is based in San Francisco, California.

OB:  Excellent! And how are plans for your involvement shaping up for Global Entrepreneurship Week?  What have you got planned and who are you working with?

RH: We are official partners for Global EW. We will be handling the management of a number of events and we will also be helping to get the word out. Moreover, YouNoodle and Global EW are partnering to organize a contest – you will have more details soon!
OB;  Tell us about the Whistlestop event?  How was it?  What sort of people came?  What was the feedback like?
It was an intimate and effective event that gathered group leaders and people interested in partnering with Global EW.

OB:  And how can people get involved with what you’re doing in general or in Global Entrepreneurship Week?

RH: We would love to talk to other entrepreneurship groups since we have a number of very valuable services we can offer them to assist with the logistics of Global EW events they are organizing around the globe.
OB:  Excellent!  And finally,  any final messages for our reader?

RH: Yes! Come learn about us at

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