Catching up; Toronto

Catching up; Toronto

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Can it really be ten days since Speednetworking in Toronto? Time certainly flies when you’re on a whistlestop tour! 

I’ve been catching up with Sarah Katyal of Impact (pictured, left), who hosted the Canadian event;

OB:  Hi Sarah! Can you remind us, briefly, what Impact does?
SK: Our mission is to create the next generation of entrepreneurs and help young entrepreneurs realize their true potential.  Impact connects people, knowledge and ideas, recognizing success and providing inspiration to leaders at every stage of their development.

The Impact Entrepreneurship Group is Canada’s largest non-profit, student-run organization dedicated to encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit amongst youth in Canada and becoming a starting point and catalyst for youth interested in entrepreneurship and leadership. Since 2004, Impact has developed programs both at the national and local level that reach over 10 000 young people each year. Consisting of over 100 student volunteers nationwide, Impact is dedicated to driving the entrepreneurial spirit.

OB:  Tell me, how are plans shaping up for Global Entrepreneurship Week?  What have you got planned and who are you working with?

SK: Planning for Global Entrepreneurship Week Canada (or Entrepreneurship Week Canada as we call it) has been going great! Our partners span from coast-to-coast all the way from British Columbia to Newfoundland. We’re working with all sorts of partners, ranging from large corporations, universities, colleges as well as several non-profit organizations. As host, we are also hosting the Impact National Conference and Leadership Summit, both very large scale events taking place during the week. To find out more about what’s going on in Canada, please visit!
OB:  Tell us about your Whistlestop event?  How was it?  What sort of people came?  What was the feedback like?
SK: This event was fantastic! You did a great job in captivating the audience and bringing a fun and exciting twist to networking. The event brought together partners as well as advocates of Global Entrepreneurship mostly from the Toronto area where the event was held. Everyone had a great time and left the event with a great experience to share and new contacts. We loved this event so much we are looking to incorporate Speednetworking into our very own activities during the week.

OB:  That’s excellent news! How can people get involved with what you’re doing in Global Entrepreneurship Week?
SK: Of course we are always welcoming new partners to host events during the week. With only two months left until the kick-off of Global Entrepreneurship Week, we need everyone’s help in spreading the word. Tell everyone in Canada about what is going on (if they don’t already know) and to visit the website to find out about the events happening in their very own backyard!
OB:  Thanks Sarah!  Any final messages for the reader of this blog?
Entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting a company. It’s a mindset, its personality, its a way of life.  Impact encourages the youth of Canada to get involved and take a step into the realm of entrepreneurship whether it is through academics, professionally or for personal reasons. Watch out for Entrepreneursip Week Canada!

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