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    Still to Come

    Friday 26th September 2008, 4:36pm

    Willy Fogg by 【★】.·¨¨·. Nounours .·¨¨·. 【★】.

    “Little by little, one travels far” JRR Tolkien

    If you tire easily, or prefer my destinations to come as a bit of a surprise, please look away now.

    Right. It is Friday night, and tonight I fly to Sydney, arriving on Sunday morning. 

    On Monday, Speednetworking Australia begins, at a location I think you’re going to like.  Later that same afternoon, I leave for Singapore, hosting an event the following morning, on the Tuesday. 

    No sooner has the last whistle sounded, than I’ll be leaving to catch a flight to Kuala Lumpur, ready to blow the first whistle the very next day. 

    By the end of Wednesday, I’ll have hosted three Speednetworking events.  Time for a break perhaps?  Certainly time for a new paragraph.

    A coach will take me back to Singapore, so that I can fly to Hong Kong the following morning.  On Friday morning, the end of the week, I’ll be welcoming guests to whistlestop number eight, in the Kowloon Tong area of Hong Kong.  

    In a parallel universe, the weekend is then clear to relax.  Except that I’ll be departing for my next destination on Saturday afternoon.  For where that will be and what happens between now and then, you’ll have to stay tuned… 

    Everybody back in the room?  Excellent - there’s a plane to catch! 

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