Fasten Your Seatbelt!

Fasten Your Seatbelt!

Fasten Seatbelt Sign by uncleboatshoes.

I’ve just been told to fasten my seatbelt and to ensure that any baggage is stowed under the seat in front of me.  My tray table is in the upright position and one of the cabin crew has already been around with bottles of water before we set off.  I’m gazing down at the tarmac outside the window.  But I know that the road outside will continue for another five hours.  This isn’t a flight you see; it’s a ‘lookshury liner’ coach trip.  And there’s five hours between me, in Kuala Lumpur, and supper, in Singapore.

Speednetworking Malaysia finished just a couple of hours ago and was a barnstorming success.  This was in no small part, thanks to the fantastic host, Warisan Global’s Dash.  What particularly struck me about the event (apart from the fact that over sixty people had turned out on a public holiday) was the great range of people attending, from students in their teens and twenties, to professionals in their fifties and sixties. 

I managed to record a quick video, during which I interview Dash himself;

Local organisations should fasten their seatbelt, because from what I’ve seen today, Global Entrepreneurship Week Malaysia is set to be a huge success! 

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