Speednetworking in Kuala Lumpur

Speednetworking in Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Towers by you. 

Wow!  Hong Kong sets the new record for the speed at which you can move from the plane to the hotel room.  It only seems like a couple of minutes ago that I was putting my shoes back on, and now I’m sitting here writing this!  Amazing!

One of the first sites I head to when logging on is Addictomatic – if you don’t use it already, check it out, it’s the business for searching the web!  On one page you have the very latest on a person or phrase (Speednetworking for example) from the blogosphere, Twitter, news stories and more.  It saves a huge amount of time and the Twitter updates, for example, can be just a few minutes old – great for the very latest information.

One such Twitter update led me back to Malaysia’s amazing host, Dash, who has written this fantastic piece following yesterday’s event.  I would love to have stayed longer in Kuala Lumpur – one night just wasn’t enough!  Never mind – Hong Kong awaits, and so, from six thousand miles away from home in London, it’s goodbye for now!

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  1. Lovely life you have. My kind of dream lifestyle. Moving from London to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to Hong Kong and other cities all for fun. Cool. I wonder how it feels cos as per now am stuck in Malaysia for sometime…but I like it.
    Hope you had fun here and enjoy to come here often. A story of my life in Malaysia is what is getting me stuck here….



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