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    Unofficial Sponsors of a Whistlestop Tour

    Friday 3rd October 2008, 5:01am

    Unofficial Sponsors by you. 

    Global Entrepreneurship Week has some fantastic sponsors, including Ernst and Young, IBM and NYSE Euronext.

    In addition (and just as a bit of fun!), I’d like to nominate eleven strictly ’unofficial’ and personal sponsors for my Whistlestop Tour for Speednetwork the Globe;

    1.       Berocca (the fizzy orange vitamin supplement):  Packing 793% of my recommended daily dose of Vitamin C can’t be bad. 

    2.       Blackberry (the mobile phone):  From keeping up to date with emails, to surfing Wikipedia on the move

    3.       Facebook (the online social network)   One status update can bring a suggestion of a meet-up abroad.  Amazing!

    4.       First Defence (the nasal spray) Three sprays up the nose at the beginning of a flight (hopefully) keep colds at bay!

    5.       Flip (the video recorder);  A gadget sensation, I challenge you to find a simpler way to get video onto YouTube

    6.       Melatonin One of these natural tablets before bed helps combat jet-lag (not available in the UK)

    7.       Moo (the pleasure card company)  Mini-card heaven

    8.       Skype (the internet telephony aka VOIP service) Video and voice calls back home plus Skype-out calls around the world, saving hundreds of pounds!

    9.       TEN UK The greatest concierge service on the planet, 24 hours a day, for all kinds of requests from last minute hotels in Mexico City to a computer cable in Singapore.

    10.   Timbuk2;  Make the most incredible laptop bags which slide over the handle of your wheel-on suitcase.  Airports go from nightmare to pleasure.

    11.   Twitter; Surprisingly comforting in the back of a cab in a distant city, catching up on the latest from a very connected crowd and an incredible way to crowd-source swift help and advice.

    Have you got any unofficial sponsors for when you travel?  Please share them by making a comment here!

    2 Responses to “Unofficial Sponsors of a Whistlestop Tour”

    1. Ged Carroll says:

      Many of the things that you have up there I have as my travel essentials in addition:
      – North Face Denali fleece or fleece vest, very handy for the over air-conditioned aircraft cabin and all the right pockets for documentation
      – 3 Like Home. 3′s progressive roaming policy has made keeping in touch with home really cost effective
      – Pentax DSLR. A good solid camera despite my best efforts, that works on AA batteries, if your rechargables die you can pick up a new charge on the street
      – Flickr less of a sponsor more of an obsessive compulsive disorder according to my friends
      – Priority Pass. For the price of a night in a decent hotel you can get access to an airport lounge wherever you fly and reduce the risk of a migraine

    2. Jeremy Gould says:

      Loving the video blogs, though I’m not sure if you’ve actually left London have you? Looks like you could be standing in front of a blue screen with a back projection… :)

      I always always carry in ear headphones and an ipod packed with podcasts, a few videos and lots of tunes. Then I can close my eyes and forget where I am, wherever I am.

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