Catching Up; Inbox

Catching Up; Inbox

Panning for Gold by Digital Retina.

I’ve spent this morning, my first day back in Blighty, panning for inbox gold.  So here are ten possible nuggets for your delight;

Followers of the economic crisis will know that it’s not over ‘until the fat lady sings’, so may want to check out Impropera’s return to the Leicester Square Theatre, for that to happen.

Someone else hitting the high notes this week is Molly Bedingfield, mother of Daniel and Natasha, who is about to leap out of a plane (with parachute attached) above Mount Everest, raising money for her charity, Global Angels.

This will impress Global Angels ambassador, Mike Southon, the Beermat Entrepreneur, who has written another excellent column in the FT.

Trailing in Mike’s wake, I’m excited to see my second column appear in Growing Business magazine this month. 

Writing about all things entrepreneurial is something which is second nature to Raj Patel, who has moved on this month from the brilliant team at Make Your Mark to the Learning and Skills Network.

If it’s brilliant teams which you’re after, then look no further than author and occasional Daily Networker reader Doug Miller’s new book on the subject, out this week in all good bookshops!

One team I would like to see in action, but haven’t to date, is that of John Cleese and Stephen Fry.  These national treasures have both recently joined Twitter, so their up-to-the-minute antics (especially Stephen’s in Africa) are being shared with an audience which is growing by the day. 

New audiences is one of the subjects of the latest publication from think-tank DemosVideo Republic explores how young people are using video to express themselves and connect with the world around them.

The campaigners showcased on Channel 4’s latest commission, Battlefront, are no strangers to using both videos and Twitter to get their messages out.  I’m looking forward to helping Jordan promote his SALAD campaign and my ‘mentor’ page has just gone live up on the main site.  Jordan’s page is over here if you have time to check it out!

Beginning and ending with performing ladies, the lovely Emily Dubberley (and others) are promoting the Burlesque against Breast Cancer Ball in Hove on November 6th.  Tickets for this fantastic event are over here

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