Catching up with Mexico City

Catching up with Mexico City

Torre Mayor (tallest building in Latin America) by unleashingideas.

I’ve been catching up with Martha Cervantes, who works with Impulsa, hosts of the Mexico City Whistlestop Event.  

OB:  Hi Martha, can you tell me, briefly, what Impulsa does?

MC: We are Junior Achievement in Mexico.  We teach economics and financial literacy to students from K to 12 grade, through hands-on programs, taught by volunteers in the classroom.  We inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy.

OB:  Excellent!  And how are plans shaping up for Global Entrepreneurship Week? 

MC: Impulsa has been working with Endeavor.  Between us, the main, national activities we have planned include;

–       a Launch Inauguration Event, in Mexico City.  We are inviting the Minister of Economy and plan to have 1000 students attending.  At the end of this Inauguration event we will release helium balloons (one for each student) with an entrepreneurship message written by each student.  At the same time all partners in the country will do the same in their own cities (schools, universities, companies, etc).

–       a National Job Shadow Day.  Hundreds of students will shadow a business man or women, executive, politician, or any other professional, in the area of interest of the student, for a complete working day.  These high school students will learn firsthand what the real work world is about.

–       We will launch an entrepreneurship portal that will link all JA entrepreneurship programs, plus many others that are in operation in the country.  The address will be and will be supported by IBM servers and software.

–       Endeavor will have their Annual Gala Dinner during this week.

–       We have secured the support of several media leaders: Televisa and Grupo Editorial Expansion, among others.

–       IBM is actively participating in the week activities.

–       Currently we are following up on partners, to make sure that they are registered in the webpage and that are adding their activities to it.  We plan to have at least 100 partners registered.

OB:  That’s a terrific amount! Tell us about your Whistlestop Speednetworking Event event?  How was it?  What sort of people came?  What was the feedback like?

MC: It was a great oportunity to join people that could be involved  Global Entrepreneurship Week and to share expectations about the program.  

OB:  How can people get involved with what you’re doing in Global Entrepreneurship Week?

MC: They can contact us at Impulsa: (55) 5211-9444, Endeavor: (55) 5282-1680, or through the Unleashing Ideas website.

 OB:  Thanks Martha –  Any final messages for the reader of this blog?

MC:  This has been a very exciting challenge and we are looking forward for many successes, not only for us, but for everyone involved around the globe!

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