Energy Levels

Energy Levels

neon battery by jimmiehomeschoolmom.

When I turned my laptop on, four minutes minutes ago, it had twenty three hours and forty two minutes of battery left.  I checked again one minute ago and it had an hour and thirty three minutes left. What on earth is going on?  Either almost a day has passed in what seemed like a minute, or my computer awoke with a terrifying amount of energy, only to find it zappingly diminished moments later.

People have been quizzing me about where I get my energy from.  The only answer I can think of is that I just act like someone who has got lots of it.  After a while, whether or not I actually have got a great deal of energy on a particular day doesn’t even enter my mind.  Take now, for instance.  If I stopped to think about it, and dwelled for a while on the theme of exhaustion, I’d probably conclude that I’m pretty tired.  But life’s too short for that, so it’s easier to storm about as if I’m fully charged.   

Before I enter a second nauseating paragraph harping on about how I’m so full of beans, let me ask a different question; Why don’t I act as if I’m stunningly organised?  Or brilliantly early to meetings?  Or at paying my bills on time?  Because if energy boy here applied the same ‘act as if’ thinking to all of the above, perhaps the only additional charges I’d be experiencing would be to my own battery levels.


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