Economy in Runes?

Economy in Runes?

Goose Fair by loraine_uk.

As the British Chancellor unveils his Pre-Budget Report, our national news and media wheel out a series of ‘experts’ to pass judgement on what they seem to regard as the gamble to end all gambles.

How risky though, to assume that these sages have any real idea what they are talking about, given the failure of the vast majority of them to predict any of the current global financial crisis.

As I tune into this evening’s news broadcasts, I hope to see the more balanced blend of Gypsy Rose Lee, (or another leading fortune teller), accompanied by a leading psychologist.  Because if a large part of the ‘gamble’ comes in predicting how the British public will behave and spend on the high street, I certainly don’t want to leave it to an economist to gaze into the tea leaves on my behalf.  Do you?

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