Twenty Four

Twenty Four

24 hours by buckaroo kid.

Into a London taxi and off to the the Old Truman Brewery to raise a glass to the brilliance that is The Green Thing (Seven things you can do to lead a greener life).  Andy Hobsbawm, European Chairman of and one of the masterminds behind the evening greets me in the foyer.  Downstairs, under an eerie green glow, I meet James Alexander (another co-founder) who was also one of the brains behind online lending site  I ask him what one thing he’d like me to ask people to do when it comes to doing the Green Thing.  Simple.  He’d love you to sign up here

Meanwhile, at Fortune Cookie’s HQ, Charlie Hoult is hosting another of his terrific Castaway evening.  He encourages guests to bring a friend, something interesting to say and four beers.  Well. given I’m running a little late, one out of three isn’t bad.  And they are decent beers.  Guests include Daily Networker favourite David Alberts (former chair of Grey London), Giles Andrews (MD of Zopa…two in one night!) and Damian Bown, whom I congratulate on the recent sale of his mobile applications business, Kizoom.

Home sweet home before Big Ben chimes twelve and then up with the lark for a breakfast at business club One Alfred Place.  The Polecatters and I plot WebMission 09, which we unveiled last week chez Oracle.  Post-breakfast,  a swift hour’s email ends with fellow member, the wonderful Emma Jones of home business central, Enterprise Nation, saying a quick hello.

Onto the tube and down to the riverside idyll of China Wharf.  Peter de Haan (who sold Saga with his brother Roger for a cool 1.3 billion) is on flying form, as is Paul Sternberg who is ensuring that Peter’s charitable trust notches up its next round of successes, focusing especially on young people and the arts. We talk about Plings and about how to connect people with information at the right time, in the right place. 

Two O’Clock and it’s Tenner time, plotting with Make Your Mark’s head of education Catherine Smith and agency TomTomNation’s Director of Next Week, Tim Reading.  He and I catch up for a quick coffee post-Tenner in the serene surroundings of the Poetry Cafe as once again he shows why he is one of my favourite people in London to throw ideas around with.  

Tom Ball is working hard when I jump into his Covent Garden office to announce that I’m off to meet his neighbour.  For some, Covent Garden is a tourist trap, however it can certainly take on a village feel with friends and collegues nearby for a quick catch up.   Cognac’s founder reminds me to put a party date in the diary for a fortnight’s time and with that, I’m off downstairs to meet Simon Campbell, MD of ViaPost.  Well thank you goodness we’re catching up, because I had no idea that this groundbreaking service (which helps companies large and small to save a packet on their postal costs) had already sent its first several thousand letters.  This is one to watch and Simon has the drive and determination to make incredible things happen over the coming months. 

Adam Street’s library provides a safe harbour for ninety minutes of solid emailing, before I am interruputed by a curious exchange;

“What are you wearing tonight?”

“The knickers.  You? “

“Yeah. Just the knickers”

It soon transpires that these are models preparing for a showcase evening hosted by Edinbugh-based luxury gift company, Ms Bond.  Founder Caroline Whitmey is downstairs in the Rehearsal Room (fully clad I might add) and we are soon surrounded by discerning gents, picking out potential Christmas presents.  Amongst the early shoppers, I spot BIMA chairman Paul Walsh, SpeedBreaks founder Simon Proctor and Arrival Education’s Daniel Snell, and we are joined for a glass of complimentary bubbly by locals Simon and Tom from earlier in the day.  I text a couple of journalists, on the basis that they might well enjoy a couple of the evening’s ingredients. 

It’s just after eight, twelve hours since breakfast and time to race for the tube.  Homeward bound and time to disconnect.  Tomorrow’s breakfast is with Jonathan Jenkins, all round good guy and newly installed director of ventures at Untld, the foundation for social entrepreneurs.  My mind is already buzzing with what we’re going to discuss.  He’s had my thoughts in advance already… 


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