Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Aberdeen, Fittie - the boat by Today is a good day.

In 1205, it was so cold in London that the River Thames froze over between mid January and mid March.  Which makes today’s parky British weather seem positively mild by comparison. 

I read that chilling fact in today’s Times Newspaper, which seems to have risen in price to ninety pence.  That would mean that a Times-a-day for every week day this year is going to set you back two hundred and thirty four pounds.  That’s almost twenty pounds a month.  It’s four pounds fifty a week.  I dread to think what that would have bought in 1205.

Over lunch yesterday, a friend shared his view that in these challenging financial times, we shouldn’t be worrying about the little expenditures, like the Starbucks on the way to work or the daily newspaper for that matter.  He reckons that cutting back on these can only make us miserable and that instead, we should look to cut back on the bigger things.  Avoiding that restaurant and eating at home, for example.    

As New Year’s Resolutions begin, I turn back to something I wrote in August last year about business books.  What’s far more interesting than my words, is the comments which follow in which some of my favourite people have chipped in with their suggestions.  Hopefully you’ll find something there of interest!

Whatever your plans for 2009, let me take this opportunity to wish you all of the very best for a safe and successful year ahead.


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  1. I wish you a prosperous new year my friend. This will be a good year for you and I hope to catch up soon. Keep inspiring my friend you touch people’s lives more than you know.

    p.s. You can read the Times Online now 🙂

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