Make Your Mark with a Tenner!

Make Your Mark with a Tenner!

As the snow comes down across large parts of the country, schools across Britain are bracing thenmselves for a flurry of activity.  It’s the launch of Make Your Mark with a Tenner and 20,000 school pupils have signed up to take part!  They’ll be seeing what they can achieve with just ten pounds in the month of February!

The money has come from Peter Jones of Dragons’ Den and from Michael and Xochi Birch and the challenge is supported by NESTA

I’m hoping that this year’s challenge will raise a few questions;

With the financial crisis making some jobs more and more uncertain, why shouldn’t we be encouraging people to think about entrepreneurship or self-employment as a first option rather than a last resort?

Many parents are worse off than they were a year ago.  In fact, according to an annual Halifax survey, pocket money is down by two pounds to just six pounds a week.  So as well as encouraging money-saving tips, why not money making ones for school pupils too?

Finally, with interest rates at a low (that tenner will grow by only 4p in a month in your high street account), isn’t it time that the amazing power of enterprise got a wider hearing?

I really hope you’ll wish everyone taking part the best of luck, and that you’ll keep in touch with this year’s ‘Make Your Mark with a Tenner’ here.

Make Your Mark with a Tenner - what would you do? by Make_Your_Mark.

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