What is the Point of Twitter?

What is the Point of Twitter?

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Some people don’t understand Twitter.  Why on earth, they say, would you want to share what you are doing with the world?  The ‘sharing’ is the smallest part.  What makes Twitter remarkable is the ‘being shared with’. 

The way Twitter works is that you can ‘follow’ people, whose updates you then see.  You can also be ‘followed’ by people, who will then see your updates.  So everyone’s experience of Twitter will be influenced by the people they have chosen to follow. 

Asking ‘What do you think of Twitter’ is a bit like asking ‘What do you think of email’ or ‘Are you a telephone fan?’  As a communications tool, it’s fascinating.  How useful and fun it is, all depends on who you’re connected to. 

Below I’ve listed who I follow, and how we’re connected.  They are filtering information which they think is interesting, useful, funny, inspiring, informative or remarkable.  I trust them.  Imagine being able to have a snap-shot of what some of your favourite people are doing, thinking and reading.  It is amazing.  And you can do it too 🙂  Let me know how you get on! 

Most of the people I have spoken to who are having a ‘bad experience’ with Twitter (or business, or life for that matter) are either connecting with too many of the ‘wrong’ people or not enough of the ‘right’ ones.   

 @alex_butler / Alex Butler
Works at the Central Office of Information.  We met on the first WebMission in San Francisco

 @johnpeavoy / John Peavoy
Irish entrepreneur who is attending WebMission 09

 @timoreilly / Tim O’Reilly
Coiner of phrase ‘Web 2.0’ – super connected US entrepreneur. We have never met

 @rorysutherland / Rory Sutherland
Chairman of Ogilvy Europe, writes an enjoyable column for the Spectator.  Highly recommded by Steve Moore. I have never met Rory.

Works on features at the Daily Telegraph.  We crossed paths when I wrote a Speednetworking feature for them in 2008

 @finkd / Mark Zuckerberg
Founder of Facebook.  We have not met.
 @krishgm / krishnan guru-murthy
Likeable presenter of Channel 4 news. We have never met.

 @MusicThing / Tom Whitwell
Deputy editor of Times Online.  We were introduced this year by Zach Leonard, also at News International

 @colonnello / paolo colonnello
Chilean entrepreneur and founder of Bligoo.  Took me for very enjoyable lunch in Santiago in 2008.  I was introduced via Ingrid Vanderveldt in San Francisco.

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 @marshandparsons / Peter Rollings
Dynamic MD of UK property firm which employs certain of my most loved ones.

 @clarethommen / Clare Thommen
Founder of lingerie firm Boudiche.  We met through Growing Business ‘Young Guns’ in 2008 and at the Start Up Awards the previous year.

 @petenixey / Peter Nixey
Smart British entrepreneur now based in Silicon Valley.  We met in Adam Street Private Member Club in London

 @Romancarel / Roman Carel
Charismatic French entrepreneur.  We met through the Entrepreneurs Organisation and were in a forum together for over two years.

 @AliciaSkimbit / Alicia Navarro
Founder of Skimlinks.  We met on WebMission 2008.

 @lesteph / Steph Gray
Head of Social Media at UK Government department, DIUS.  We have never met.

Founder of Gemin-i (connecting schools online) Amazingly generous and helpful entrepreneur

 @HuwJEdwards / Huw Edwards
Works with Bridges Ventures VC.  We met at one of my Speednetworking events.

Founder of Techlightenment, masters of the social web.  We met at an event hosted my Steve Moore.

 @amanda / amanda rose
Canadian journalist and founder of Twestival.  We met via mutual friends including Paul Carr.
@Caledebois / Geoff Wedgwood
Social media expert now working with the UK department of health.
We met in San Francisco in 2008, via WebMission.

 @evarley / Elizabeth Varley
Australian web content and copy specialist.  We met through online business network, Ecademy.

@tferriss / Tim Ferriss
Author of the Four Hour Work week.  We in LA in 2008 met as fellows of the British American Project.

 @findaTVexpert / Claire Richmond
Founder of FindaTVexpert, a directory of experts. We met at a salon hosted by Carole Stone
 @Bigoceans / Nick Jaffe
On an ambitious global adventure.  I came across Nick via Twitter, then read his blog.  We have never met.

 @PaulWalsh / Paul Walsh
Self confessed Irish Opportunist and entrepreneur.  Host of numerous good events. 

 @neillyneil / Neil Williams
Head of Social Media at UK Government department BERR.  We were introduced by Emma Mulqueeny
@shanegreer / Shane Greer
Editor of Total Politics.  We met via Julia Hobsbawm at ‘We are Names Not Numbers’ this year.
 @Nico_Macdonald / Nico Macdonald
Design and technology expert.  We met through Editorial Intelligence’s Julia Hobsbawm

 @david_bott / David Bott
Works with the Technology Strategy Board.  We met through WebMission 2009.

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 @wyattd / Derek Wyatt
Tech-savvy member of parliament.  We met at an Editorial Intelligence event this year. 

@juliahobsbawm Julia Hobsbawm
Super-connected founder of Editorial Intelligence.  Helpful provider of great advice.  We were introduced by Steve Moore.

 @opencast / Charlie Hoult
Former chair of Loewy Group, now exploring for the next big thing.  We met through ‘Beyond Bricks’ in 2001.  Meeting Charlie triggered many things for me

@swpatrick / Patrick Littlemore
Area director of Marsh and Parsons, UK property firm

 @jamesbromley James Bromley
Head of online at the Daily Mail (UK newspaper).  We met in San Francisco in 2008 via WebMission and thanks to Kris Mansson, founder of SiloBreaker

 @ixtlan / Leon Benjamin
Visionary thinker on the future of work.  We met through online business network Ecademy, and specifically, at an event hosted by Charlie Hoult.

 @waldo / Simon Waldman
Head of Digital at the Guardian Media Group.  We met many years ago at a London event and have stayed loosely in touch.

 @nicklockey / Nick Lockey
Likeable TV/New Media executive.  We met through Maverick TV whilst discussing Make Your Mark with a Tenner

 @rajdey / Rajeeb Dey
Former chair of Oxford Entrepreneurs and founder of ESSA.  A one to watch and very helpful guy.

 @ianwallis Ian Wallis
Former editor of Growing Business magazine, now editor of CMyPitch.com

@GinaAdamStreet / Gina Decio
Head of Membership at Adam Street Private Members Club.  We met through the club, which I found in 2001, through Harry and Ed Lawson Johnston, working with my first business.

@irfonw / Irfon Watkins
Founder of Coull.  We met on the first ever WebMission

 @plings Plings
Places to Go, Things to Do.  This Twitter account shares the progress of the project, which I have been working with since 2008.
 @hyslop / Kate Hyslop
PR executive.  We worked together on the first Make Your Mark with a Tenner

 @Rtyrie / Richard Tyrie
Smart entrepreneur and founder of JobsGoPublic.  We have yet to spend proper time together

 @ewanmcintosh / Ewan McIntosh
Now working with 4IP.  Prolific blogger and progressive thinker on education and social media
We met at a Channel 4 education event
@stridingout / Heather Wilkinson
We met over lunch several years ago and have kept in touch.  Strding Out supports social entrepreneurs.

@evanrud / Evan Rudowski
US entrepreneur based in the UK.  We met through the Entrepreneurs Organisation. 

 @simon_campbell Simon Campbell
CEO of ViaPost.  We met because a good friend sat next to Simon on a plane and offered to introduce us.

 @claresarson / Clare Sarson
Clare has recently become a teacher and her school took part in this year’s Make Your Mark with a Tenner.  We have never met.

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 @Tinypoppet / Emily Thackray
Emily is vocal coach who has had a double lung transplant.  We met through Battlefront, the Channel 4 commission

@Holsbattlefront / Holly Shaw
A recent kidney transplant patient and now campaigner who I am helping as part of Battlefront for Channel 4.  I connected to Battlefront via someone I was at Leeds University with in 2000.

 @tiffanystjames Tiffany St James
Works across government, especially making sense of huge range of websites.  Excellent fun.

 @Ew4n / Ewan Macleod
Serial entrepreneur and founder of Mobile Industry Review.  Is still and always has been one to watch in terms of making it very big.  Good guy too.  We met through online business network Ecademy.

UK trade and investment.  Supporters of WebMission both years running. 
 @toodlepip / Sam Michel
Founder of Chinwag and Digital Mission.  We met at Number 11, at an event hosted by Tom Watson MP.

 @declancurry / Declan Curry
Likeable Irish Presenter of Working Lunch.  We met at a Make Your Mark event.

 @DavidMcQueen  Dave McQueen
Speaker and trainer.  Gifted at working with young people especially. 

 @technokitten / Helen Keegan
Mobile industry expert and practitioner.  We met through online business network Ecademy. 

 @jamescrabtree James Crabtree
Formerly with the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, now Deputy Editor of Prospect Magazine.

 @photogirluk / Jamie Klingler
Works with Shortlist Magazine.  We met at a dinner party hosted by Joanna Jepson
 @rolandharwood  Roland Harwood
Head of NESTA Connect.  We were introduced by Steve Moore.

 @hannahprevett / Hannah Prevett
Journalist.  We met whilst Hannah was working at Growing Business magazine, for which I write a monthly column

 @neilw18 Neil Watson
Team member of Plings and formerly with the Home Office.  Excellent practitioner on the  engagement of young people through positive activities.  We met through Thomas Godfrey.
@shaawasmund Shaa Wasmund   Serial entrepreneur and founder of Smarta.com  Helpful and very dynamic, we met through Make Your Mark’s Scott Cain.

 @Sathnam Sathnam Sanghera
Times Journalist and author.  We had breakfast together a couple of years ago and have kept in touch.

 @jameshurley James Hurley
Editor of Growing Business Magazine.  I began writing a monthly coumn with James as the editor in 2008.

 @Tewlop / John Mitchinson
Hugely characterful co-founder of QI.  We met through the British American Project.

 @drewellis  Drew Ellis
Entrepreneur who splits his time between Devon and London.  We met as committee members at Business Club, One Alfred Place.

@langer / David Langer
Founder of Group Spaces.  We met on the first WebMission

Twitter Logo by Read 2 Know.

 @mikebutcher / Mike Butcher
Journalist and editor of TechCrunch.  We met at an Ecademy business networking event.  

@ArrivalEd  Daniel Snell
Founder of Arrival Education.  Dymanic and progressive thinker on education.  Has a rare gift for working with young people from a range of  backgrounds.  Supportive and encouraging.

@mikegiles1  Mike Giles
One of my closest friends.  Now living in Thaliand. We met aged 13. 

 @r4today / BBC Radio 4 Today
UK’s flagship news programme, on from 6am til 9am.

 @richardmoross / Richard Moross
Characterful founder of Moo.com.  We met at a loft party hosted by Robert Loch.

 @richardtyler  Richard Tyler
Daily Telgraph’s Enterprise Editor.  We met at a Make Your Mark Speednetworking event and Richards attended the first WebMission to San Francsico.

 @alexhoye  Alex Hoye
Chair of SeedCamp, CEO of Latitude.  Supporter of UK entrepreneurship. We met via the first Web Mission

 @DamonOldcorn  Damon Oldcorn
Irish entrepreneur with UK and US experience.  We met on the first WebMission

 @AlbertoNardelli / Alberto Nardelli
Thoughtful and fun founder of Unltd World.  We met at an event hosted by Unltd, the foundation for social entrepreneurs.

 @polarben / Ben Saunders
Polar explorer and great guy.  Has introduced me to some amazing people.  I met Ben through John Hornbaker on a rare trip to Royal Ascot.

 @davidwilcox / David Wilcox
Social reporter who asks great questions.  I met David through Steve Moore.

 @tomboardman Tom Boardman
Likeable co-founder of Firebox.  We met through Michael Acton Smith at a Firebox Summer Party.

@Sokratis Sokratis Papafloratis
Founder of Trusted Places.  We met on the first WebMission

 @drewb / Drew Benvie
PR expert.  We met through Simon Murdoch when I was working with FriendsAbroad, several years ago.

@smartamatt / Matt Thomas
Former editor of StartUps.co.uk and how editor of Smarta.com

 @DanielPriestley / Daniel Priestley  Australian entrepreneur and founder of Triumphant events.  Source of great advice and certainly one to watch

@emmaljones / Emma Jones
Energetic founder of Enterprise Nation.  We sat next to each other at a Government-hosted dinner and are both members of One Alfred Place

 @stevieflow / Steven Flower
Works with Plings.  Thoughtful and a great communicator around positive activies for young people.

 @makeyourmark Make Your Mark
The national campaign I have worked with over several years with Speednetworking, The Connectors and Make Your Mark with a Tenner

 @nickbelluk / Nick Bell
Founder of Quick TV, originally from Newcastle.  We met at an event, hosted by Caroline Theobald, in the North East several years ago.

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 @ruskin147 / Rory Cellan-Jones
BBC’s technology editor.  We have met at several London events.
 @benhammersley / Ben Hammersley
Deputy editor of UK Wired Magazine.  We met over curry hosted by Ben Saunders. 

 @bindik / Bindi Karia
VC and entrepreneurs lead at Microsoft in the UK.  Supporter of UK entrepreneurial scene.  We met at DrinkTank, hosted by Huddle

 @jakeonedge  Jake Sasseville
US TV presenter and a major one to watch.  We were introduced in London by the Beermat Entrepreneur, Mike Southon.

 @MichelleDewbs / Michelle Dewberry
Entrepreneur and founder of Chiconomise.  Winner of The Apprentice.  We met via entrepreneur Jamie Murray Wells of Glasses Direct.

 @tomball2 / Tom Ball
Founder of Cognac and recently Entretain.  Connected, thoughtful and helpful.  We met through Ecademy, the online business network.

 @tomnixon / Tom Nixon  Founder of social media agency.  We met for coffee in One Alfred Place. 

 @JeremyGould / Jeremy Gould  Social media expert inside UK Government with excellent reputation.  We met through Emma Mulqueeny.

 @CommunitiesUK  UK Government department for Communities and Local Government.  I met Secretary of State, Hazel Blears through the Council on Social Action, at 10 Downing Street.

 @hermioneway  Hermione Way
Founder of Newspepper and sister of friend and former business partner Ben Way. 

 @AntonioGould  Antonio Gould
Likeable TV/New Media executive.  We met through Maverick TV on an interesting project for Channel 4.

 @joeyjep  Joanna Jepson  Joanna Jepson
Known as the controversial vicar.  Fun and life-affirming, we met through the British American Project.

 @telegraphnews / Daily Telegraph News
A leading British newspaper.

 @stevemoore4good  Steve Moore
Uber-Connector founder of Policy Unlplugged and the 2Gether festival.  A masterchef of people and ideas.

@channel4news / C4 Newsroom blogger
Personal look behind the scenes into the Channel 4 newsroom.

 @davidjwbailey  David Bailey
Entrepreneur and co-founder of Moviestorm.  We met on the first WebMission

 @benpbway / Ben Way
Serial entrepreneur, technological wizard and former business partner.  Always incredibly helpful.

 @andrewjscott  Andrew Scott
Founder of Rummble,  We met on the first WebMission

 @hubmum  Emma Mulqueeny
Championing smart uses of technology and social media across government.  We met at an event hosted by Steve Moore at the RSA.

 @simonprockter  Simon Prockter Likeable founder of SpeedDater and now SpeedBreaks. 

Twitter Logo by Read 2 Know.

 @matlock / Matt Locke
Smart commissioner at Channel 4, previously at the BBC.  We met at a games-related event in Leicester Square several years ago.

 @tom_watson Tom Watson UK Government minister with enthusiasm for technology and business.  Good reputation for practicing what he preaches. 

 @tewy / Alex Tew
Founder of the Million Dollar Homepage and now PopJam.  We met at an event hosted by Robert Loch.

@mactonbond Michelle Acton Bond  Dynamic and enthusiastic expert across e-commerce and other business.  We met through Robert Loch.

 @joshuamarch / Joshua March
Founder of the i-platform.  We met at an event hosted by Steve Moore at One Alfred Place. 

 @dompannell / Dom Pannell
PR expert with numerous international and culinary interests.  We met through Ecademy.

@RichMulholland / Richard Mulholland
Whirlwind entrepreneur based in Cape Town and Johannesburg.  We met through Ben Saunders.

 judithclegg / Judith Clegg
Founder of Glasshouse and Second Chance Tuesday.  Supporter of UK entrepreneurship with excellent US relationships.

@Bandrew / Andy McLoughlin
Founder of Huddle and of DrinkTank.  We met on the first WebMission.

@Oli / Oli Watts
We met through the Make Your Mark Campaign.  Samba-loving, cake-baking entrepreneur.

 @jh / John Hornbaker
Likable US-based technology expert. We met through Paul Birch at Paul’s London home.   

 @acton / Michael Acton Smith
Founder of Moshi Monster and Firebox.  Fun and dynamically great example of UK entrepreneurship

@DowningStreet  Downing Street
Home and office of the British Prime Minister who I have met through the Council on Social Action.

 @LloydDavis / Lloyd Davis
Founder of Tuttle club and congregator of good people.  Social media influencer.  We met through Paul Birch.

 @johnniemoore / Johnnie Moore  Excellent facilitator and thinker about collaboration and the web.  We met through Steve Moore. 

 @giz / Jon Gisby Board member at Channel 4, formerly with Yahoo!  We met through Ben Saunders

 @edielush / Edie Lush
Journalist with numerous publications including the Spectator.  Edie attended the first WebMission.

 @SurrealThing / Adam Gee  Likeable and thoughtful interactive commissioner at Channel 4.  We met at a group meeting in London several years ago.

 @paulcarr  PaulCarr
Author and entrepreneur, now living in San Francisco.  We met through Robert Loch. 

@robertloch  Robert Loch
Serial entrepreneur, friend and social philanthropist.  Now founder of Pure Escapes.  We met through Ecademy, the online business network, in 2002.

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You can connect with all of the people above here. 

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  1. Do you know what amazes me.

    You actually remember the time and place where you met all these people. Is this stored in your head or in some magical rolodex somewhere?

    Great commentary!


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