In Search of Brilliant Books

In Search of Brilliant Books

Elementary by mafleen.

So many business books just aren’t worth endorsing.  So many remain unread.  When people take the time to recommend a great book, I listen.

I’ve just asked those connected to me on Twitter what their recommendations are.  Here’s a brief snapshot;

Luke Pulford recommends How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis.  An excellent choice. Although it’s one of those books which you might feel bashful about reading on the tube.  Much like the timeless classic, Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People which is summarized rather neatly here.

Susan MacTavish Best, one of the greatest bringer together of great people I have ever met, points me towards this eclectic list, compiled recently by CEO of Craigslist, Jim Buckmaster.

Jonny Grubin, certainly an entrepreneur to watch from Newcastle, recommends Banker to the Poor by Muhammad Yunus.  Another cracking tip, and one which I’m keen to pick up soon.

Tomas Jones recommends Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferazzi, who is one of the world’s leading connectors and someone whose blog I have enjoyed reading from time to time.  In return, I would encourage Tomas to check out Love is the Killer App, by Tim Sanders.  I ended up scribbling all over mine as it contains all sorts of practical advice.

Entrepreneur and founder of StyleBible Amanda Zuydervelt recommends “anything by Seth Godin”.  Great advice!  I have a couple of Seth’s books (Permission Marketing is excellent) however Amanda singles out Purple Cow for special mention.   

Finally, James Proud, founder of hot start-up GigLocator is looking forward to the release of wine guru Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, Crush It!, which is out soon in the UK, and all about cashing in on your passion. 

Thank you to all of those who recommended books.  If you have a tip, reader, please let us know!

VOO IÇÁ 115 by P.A.

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