Catching Up over a Cuppa

Catching Up over a Cuppa

I get it.  You haven’t got time to follow me on Twitter.  You’re rushing around.  You haven’t got time to watch YouTube videos.  Until later in the day, things calm down again and you can put the kettle on, sit back and take a break to let these links and short clips fire your imagination.

How do you get people to use a Bottle Bank one hundred times in an evening, as opposed to just twice?  One idea is to turn it into an arcade machine, like this one on The Fun Theory, sponsored by Volkswagen.

Another way to capture people’s imagination is by telling them a story.  The brilliant Matt Locke over at Channel 4 knows this and is organising an event next year all about story telling.  It should be great fun too!

You will hardly believe your eyes when you watch this clip of some amazing skills by some NFL players in the US.

One of the highlights of this year’s TED Global was this wonderful talk by Rory Sutherland;

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