The Wired 100

The Wired 100

Trumpet by Steve Wampler.

A few months ago, an email arrived from an organisation which connects student entrepreneur societies from around the country.  Would I, they wondered, be interested in speaking at their upcoming event, on the subject of ‘Shameless Self-Promotion’.  I nearly spat out my cornflakes.  No beating about the bush there.  I replied, suggesting that the title could do with some work, however yes, in principle, I would be interested.  Taking my feedback onboard, they put another angle to me;  “How about a session with Oli Barrett, the ‘notorious networker’?”  Reader, I practically toppled off my high horse.  Me, notorious?  Moi, a shameless self-promoter?  The very thought of it!  The idea that I would shout about my own activities is just beyond belief…

It is with great excitement then, that I can tell you that Wired Magazine in the UK have drawn up a list of 100 names of the people who, in their opinion, are ‘shaping the digital world’ here in Britain.  I seem to have snuck in at 74, between the Guardian’s Carolyn McCall (who is soon flying off to run EasyJet), and Dr Tim Hubbard from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. 

The list is online here, and it’s great to see some friendly faces, including Rishi Saha, Michael Acton Smith, Tom Loosemore, Bindi Karia, Nic Brisbourne, Rory Sutherland, Mike Butcher, Joe Cohen, David Bott, Natalie Massenet, Andy Gibson, Richard MorossMatt Locke, Andy Hobsbawm and Judith Clegg.

I’m listed as ‘entrepreneur, connector’ and so, perhaps predictably then the list (which of course is totally unscientific), has got me thinking about which of the 100 know each other.  My mission then, over the coming months will be to try to trigger a few introductions of my own between its members.  I’ll let you know how I get on!

“NOTORIETY, n. The fame of one’s competitor for public honors. The kind of renown most accessible and acceptable to mediocrity. A Jacob’s-ladder leading to the vaudeville stage, with angels ascending and descending.” Ambrose Bierce

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