Graphic Designer in Bid for Work

Graphic Designer in Bid for Work

I’m always grateful when someone takes the time to drop me a note through this blog, and on Friday I received a message which really made me stop and think…

Tris Rossin is a graphic designer.  When a business venture in France didn’t work out (he invested in a campsite),  he returned to the UK with his wife and three kids to look for work.  As you know, this is easier said than done in the current climate. After driving hundreds of miles meeting potential employers, he was left with ‘not a sniff of a job’.

Rather than sitting around moping, Tris came up with another plan;  he has put himself on Ebay.

He is selling one year of this time to the highest bidder. From his page on Ebay;

“After two months of unemployment after closing down my last business I’ve decided to pop myself on eBay. I’ve a wife and three children to support so this is a very serious venture for me (this is not a hoax).”

“In terms of value: My last role as a designer gave me an income of £27,000 PA. I don’t expect anything like that and in summary offer a fantastic opportunity for the right design company, business or person who has a bit of vision.”

“So here’s what you get for your money….
•12 Years experience in the design and Illustration business.
•A full knowledge of all leading design, illustration and flash animation software.
•40 hours a week dedicated time in office (if the office is a reasonable distance away) or remotely via web.
•A hard working, dedicated chap with a real desire to work!”

As you will see from his portfolio, this is someone with considerable talent.

I have never met Tris, but I do want to help him.  Firstly, because he is not letting a previous venture which didn’t succeed get him down.  Secondly because he is prepared to take a risk and put himself out there.  Finally because, although I’m no expert, he has a talent which I think many people would be pleased to harness.

The bidding for a year of his time stands at £2,100, with three days and one hour to go.  Hopefully, through people hearing about his story and seeing his work, the risk will pay off, and Tris and his family will be reaping the rewards of his skill and entrepreneurial spirit. 

You can follow him on Twitter here, and see his site here.

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