Business Confessions

Business Confessions

 Top Secret

I have set up a Confession Hotline for entrepreneurs and other business people to get true stories off their chest.  100% discretion is guaranteed, and my first entry has just arrived…

An Entrepreneur Confesses…

“I once spoke at a high profile event to 1000 plus people on a topic where I had nothing valuable to add… having greedily accepted a last minute invitation.

Nervously walking up and down in the coffee break before the big moment, I overheard a well known entrepreneur give a brilliant overview of my ‘chosen’ subject over a coffee. 

10 minutes later the audience enjoyed a verbatim recital of his opinion, courtesy of yours truly, with no accreditation given (I was too young and inexperienced to understand the classiness of highlighting others).

I lapped up the credit for the rest of the afternoon. “Such a wise head on young shoulders” etc. Shameless really!”

I will be publishing more confessions over the coming weeks.  Just don’t ask me who they’re from.  I couldn’t possibly comment…

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