Business Confessions: The Animal

Business Confessions: The Animal

This week’s final Business Confession has arrived….

the Empty Cage

“I was pitching for a new advertising account. The product brand name was the same as a wild animal. We came up with the seemingly clever but really obvious creative solution that the advertising should feature the animal. I then came up with an even cleverer idea that at the pitch we should wheel in a tame version of this animal at the point we exposed the idea.”

“Everything went very well in the pitch until the part where I was meant to open the conference room door and an animal handler was meant to bring in our star….only to open the door and find nothing there. However I could hear the sound of breaking glass and screams as most of the agency was chasing a very frightened creature.”

 “Filled with adrenaline I rushed up to the poor creature and grabbed it by the scruff of its neck and marched back into the conference room to reveal all. Unfortunately the clients got a little more than they bargained for as the animal jumped out of my grasp and into the lap of the senior client and defecated all over his designer suit….we didn’t get the account.  ( The animal’s and brand’s identity must be kept confidential or I might be sued!)”


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