A Mysterious Messenger

A Mysterious Messenger

Two wax seals on a wooden door

Just over a couple of years ago, a strange and intriguing thing began to happen.

I began receiving messages.

The notes were personalised, and posted to a club which I have frequented for some time.

They were cryptic and often made up from cut-out pieces of paper.

Yet they were not threatening.

Instead, they were uplifting.

They would contain positive words and quotations.

All were signed with one, simple word:


At the time, I did not write about this.  I told no-one except for a few friends and colleagues.

Then, one day, a book appeared.

Musty-smelling, it was an old copy of the Art of Living, by Andre Maurois.

Again, it was personalised.  As with several other messages, my name had been cut out and made from single letters.

On the inside back cover was a signature.


Inside the front cover was written: P 14.

On turning to page fourteen, I began to see certain letters, underlined in red.

They made up a series of sentences, and by piecing the letters together, I began to make out;

“You are a great leader.  Yet you have the capacity to be greater”

All of this, broken up over perhaps twenty pages.

As the book continued, so did the message.

Inside the back cover, a well-known symbol, drawn from a deck of cards.

The messages and the book fascinated me.

More than perhaps anything else I have ever been sent, they had me thinking.

cut out letters for the credits

To this day, I have absolutely no idea who sent the packages.

The mysterious sender has remained hidden.

Partly for this reason, I am keeping some of the details between us.

The exact messages, the symbols, the postmarks.

As a mark of respect.  Because this post is not intended to spark a detective hunt.

In part, this is my only way to say thank you…

One day the notes stopped coming.

Perhaps the message had been relayed.

Had I done the wrong thing by telling somebody?

This, of course, is more than saying thank you to Nuncio.

Secretly, I am waiting for the next message.

Have I heard the last from this mysterious messenger?

7 Replies to “A Mysterious Messenger”

  1. That is the first time I have stopped and read a blog post all the way through, I needed the break and it has got me thinking.
    Thanks for the diversion. 🙂

    Kindest regards

  2. You aware that there’s an executive search firm in tech called Nuncio? Perhaps it was them calling on your leadership abilities 🙂

    Otherwise Nuncio is associated with an assistant to the Pope. So maybe you had the calling.

    More seriously, fascinating! Hope you get the next message!

  3. Oli, that is awesome! I think that is something the more people should do as a small form of mentoring. I think others would feel the same as to how positive and moving that would be in their lives as well!
    Keep us posted!

  4. Oli, I am so glad that you finally decided to share this story with a wider audience. I’ve had nuncio-envy ever since you told me about it nearly 2 years ago. Hope they communicate again so I can continue living the mystery vicariously! X

  5. Awesome and of course, they are right, you are a leader, people love you and follow you and your ideas and thoughts.
    So….. Anonymous – confusing, same thing happened to me one Valentines Day! Not quite the same- but still wonder who loved me when I was 13!
    Love and hugs Oli.
    Pen xx

  6. Great post Ol, and really love the thinking that has fuelled this little advebture. What can I learn from it? Well I can learn that I seriously need to address my feiminine mystique! See how much you are wanting to hear from your admirer? I need to work this with the boys! But what can businesses learn? I often speak of the different stages of marketing and help start ups make waves as they enter the market. This mysterious messenger shows a real creative flair, industry knowledge (understanding what a great leader you are), thinking out od the box and an understanding of when digital does, and does not work. The commitment that has been shown, to ensure the consumer engages with the message and builds a relationship with the sender, is something many of us could learn from. Really thought provoking. Thank you for sharing. Xx

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