Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness

I went sifting through old letters (Crescent Lake, Disney's Boardwalk)

On World Mental Health Day, I thought I’d ask a few friends what techniques they use to keep mentally healthy. 

Their answers (from singing to sculling, meditation to cycling) inspired me, so I wanted to share my own. Here, for what they are worth, are a dozen things I do;

1. Factor in some sleep – either an early night or a lie in.

2. Put on my trainers and go running by the river.

3. Make a conscious effort to speak to certain people (Verity, Tom, Tris are the ones who first come to mind).

4. Avoid spending a whole day “on my own” without at least one meeting or at least two energising calls.

5. Breathe and be aware of breathing.

6. Try not to check my phone first thing in the morning, and instead to call to mind five or six things I’m grateful for.

7. Hug someone.

8. Play the piano.

9. Get a date in the diary with my sister for us to see some of our favourite people, which then becomes another thing to look forward to.

10. Read The Week (in its print version) – for a sense of perspective, a smile and some food for thought.

11. Call home and speak to my parents.

12. Cheer someone up – usually by writing to them and remembering something that they are up to. Hopefully good for both of us!

How do you try to stay mentally healthy? I’d love to hear your tips and techniques. 

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