I had a recurring dream when I was young. I was in the back seat of a car, going downhill, out of control, unable to stop.

Sitting in a school hall one day, I finally decoded and banished my downhill dream. Despite the uniform, despite sitting and listening, despite being told to be quiet, I realised that, despite appearances, I wasn’t in the back seat.

This week I’m reflecting on the work of Young Enterprise UK (led by Sharon Davies) and Founders4Schools (founded by Sherry Coutu CBE). Both do phenomenal work connecting students with the world of work.

Schools face so many pressures, and yet we all have the most incredible opportunity – to change the way a child feels about themselves. To foster in them a sense of potential and excitement for their own adventure.

Most of all, to banish the potential nightmare that they will only ever be passengers in their own life.

That’s why people and programmes which promote activity and discourage passivity are important.

Every child should leave school having experienced what it’s like to start something. A club, a team, a venture – it could be anything.

Because that sense of agency is central to fostering a nation of self-driving young people. Recognising that they too are starting up, and that they deserve all of our support.

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