The Edge of Events

The Edge of Events

Pondering the future of events, physical and virtual, I think it’s worth considering what makes each of those two truly great.

If we think deeply about that, we’ll find their “edge”, and by doubling down on THAT, we’ll deliver outstanding experiences.

Yes, some things can be achieved by either physical OR virtual. But for certain goals, one may have a stronger “edge”.

Here are some questions I think are worth asking;

1) How do we create the conditions for two people to bond?

2) How do we make a group feel more united?

3) How do we create the conditions for happy coincidences to flourish?

4) How to we best include the diverse voices we need to hear?

5) How do we best make everyone feel comfortable to bring their whole self to the gathering?

6) How do we best increase the love a person has for our organisation?

7) How do we positively shift how a person feels about themselves?

8) How do we maximise the desire of a guest to want to work with us?

9) How do we tap expertise from every industry, globally?

10) How do we have deeply insightful, inspiring and informative conversations?

11) How do we ensure that value can be amplified beyond the event?

12) How do we maximise enjoyment?

13) How do we maximise personal value?

14) How to we maximise business value?

15) How does this gathering fundamentally help us to progress in our mission as an organisation?

16) How does this gathering, in however small or large a way, make the world a better place?

What have I missed? Where is the edge?

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