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  • Welcome to my personal website. My passion is making valuable connections between people and ideas. I’m retained by several organizations to do exactly that and enjoy taking on special projects.

    I’m based in the UK at the moment and hope you will be in touch if you think that I can help you in some way or if you think that we could work together. Please have a read about the sort of things I’m up to.

    From the Blog

    Tweet Review

    Thursday 6th August 2015, 9:20pm

    Twitter can be a bit like a conveyor belt. If you’re tuned in at the right time, you might spot a gem , or a cuddly toy. On the downside, you miss thousands of things. We probably shouldn’t  let that bother us, however I thought it might be useful to list a few of the [...]

    Alien Concepts

    Monday 27th July 2015, 9:32pm

    A letter to the Guardian sent by one Dinah Hall from Devon a couple of years ago, reads as follows; “There’s nothing like teenage diaries for putting momentous historical events in perspective.  This is my entry for 20 July 1969. “I went to arts centre (by myself!) in yellow cords and blouse. Ian was there but [...]

    With great power comes great responsibility

    Thursday 23rd July 2015, 4:51pm

    At least two things happened in 1996. Firstly, I completed my A-Levels, spending some of the time indoors, climbing the walls, attempting to revise.  More hours were spent outside, building what turned out to be a handful of lifelong friendships. Speaking of climbing the walls, one other thing happened that summer; Tom Holland was born. [...]

    High Societies

    Thursday 7th May 2015, 5:50pm

    This week, I had dinner with a group of students and their teacher. Between them they run, and in some cases are about to take over, their college entrepreneurship society. As a group they were incredibly bright, ambitious, fun and enthusiastic. As we chatted, I heard about some of the guests they had welcomed to [...]

    8 guaranteed ways to totally smash your ‘to do’ list in 2015

    Sunday 11th January 2015, 7:27pm

    There is a certain type of person who, despite having the same number of hours in the day as the rest of us, seems to get an unusual amount done. Whether running businesses or ultra-marathons, they just keep making things happen. Call them successful, call them driven. They are massively productive. More intriguing, I have [...]

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