Ideas Workshop

Ideas Workshop

Like on of these ventures? Let’s plot about to bring it to life!

The Online Business Embassy.

The UK should open an Online Business Embassy as soon as possible. More about what it should contain here. Interested in bringing this to life? Get in touch.

Argument Club

Pick or get given a topic. Choose or get given a partner. Aim to have a constructive, “good” argument. Agree to the rules, including to end each argument with good grace. Club members receive talks or tips on how to “argue well”. #ArgumentClub

THN… (The Honours Network)

I see an opportunity to connect the recipients of Honours, across the UK (at all levels, including CBE, OBE, MBE), for the ongoing benefit of the country. Why? Firstly, I think that by making these connections, the UK could become a better place. Imagine those new conversations, opportunities and ideas. People from across industries and backgrounds, all of whom have been recognised for making a difference. More of my thinking on this here.