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    Monday 14th January 2019, 8:44pm

    In the year 2000, the great British entrepreneur Simon Woodroffe wrote The Book of Yo! One of the many people who read it was a student at Leeds University. Yes, you’ve guessed it – me. In that little book were packed dozens of inspiring quotations which seasoned the story of how Simon, inspired by Japanese [...]

    To Autumn

    Monday 8th October 2018, 5:58pm

    One of the reasons I love meeting up with people is that we often discuss our plans and current activities. Without these face-to-face encounters, I find I’m one step behind, reading about what has been, rather then what will be. I’m conscious that even here, on LinkedIn, I do a fairly poor job of sharing [...]

    2018 (Personal Update)

    Monday 5th February 2018, 5:13pm

    In the blink of an eye, the first month of 2018 is behind us. A quick update on what I’m up to this year. As ever, your ideas, connections, feedback and support are hugely appreciated. 1) The Lens is a podcast which I have created with Business in the Community (The Prince of Wales’s responsible business network). [...]


    Friday 24th November 2017, 10:07pm

    I was recently interviewed by the good people of Knomo about what I’m up to, and how I work. Hopefully you find the interview interesting. Oli, thank you for joining us. In a sentence tell us what you ‘do’? I connect people and ideas, I am a serial co-founder of businesses and an event MC [...]

    My Latest Chapter

    Tuesday 18th July 2017, 5:48pm

    A personal update – please do let me know if anything strikes a chord or sparks an idea… 1) Just over a year ago, I stepped back from Cospa (which we founded in 2010). I remain a shareholder, incredibly close to the team, and wouldn’t hesitate to collaborate and refer opportunities in future (especially for cross-sector projects [...]

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