I’m keen to connect Children and Young People’s health and mental wellbeing projects with the SUPPORTERS they need to thrive. If you can think of potential projects, supporters and (crucially) connectors worth knowing about, I’d be extremely grateful!

The problem we face is clear.

⚠️270,300 children and young people are still waiting for mental health support after being referred to Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services.

And whilst prevention is 100% better than cure, the fact remains that hundreds of families need help, right now.

My take is fairly straightforward;

1) PROJECTS. There are some excellent, already-established projects in the field of children and young people’s mental health which are in crucial need of support (from funding to advice, amplification to expertise).

2) SUPPORTERS. There is a raft of existing and potential supporters out there (from philanthropists to professionals, brands to sector-experts).

3) CONNECTORS. There is enormous goodwill from a potential group force of connectors, willing to help make the links between 1 and 2.

So the challenge is clear;

Connect Health and Mental wellbeing Projects with Support.


✨In short, we need to get MUCH better as asking those driving the PROJECTS that WORK about exactly what THEY need help with and WHO they need to meet. We then need to go to work in CONNECTING them (with help from a whole array of connectors) to the SUPPORTERS they need. ✨

It really can be as simple as that.

As we work on the HOW, please post here if you can think of;

Potential projects

Potential supporters

✨ Potential connectors

Thank you!

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