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Three Questions in Toronto

Three Questions in Toronto

CN Tower by you.

Three Questions to an entrepreneurial Toronto resident; Comedian, dancer, writer and columnist, Sabrina Jalees;

Q: What’s one amazing thing about Toronto?

A: There are so many different people here, and so many different festivals, cultures and places to go…so it’s really hard to be racist here, because eventually you’re going to be sitting beside the person that you hate, on a long streetcar ride, that’s probably going to be delayed.

Sabrina Jalees by you.

Q:  What’s one amazing thing about your job?

A: I enjoy my job because it’s always different.  I started doing stand up comedy when I was sixteen and now I write a column for the Toronto Star and I host a show on CBC Radio…I travel around the country and sometimes the world, telling jokes.

Q: If you had to work for yourself or start your own company, what would it be?

A: Well I do run my own company, but if I had to say goodbye to the industry that I’m involved with…Sabrina’s Pizzeria! And there’s also a mechanical bull in the middle of the pizzeria, and it’s also a club, so you make the money on the liquor sales.  And also, I book stand up comics, so now I’m on the other end, and so all those folks that didn’t let me play their room…guess what?  “You aint playing Sabrina’s Pizzeria!”

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