Networker Notes

Networker Notes

Whenever someone introduces me as a ‘networker’, my brain has a funny habit of hearing a slightly different phrase. 

“You must meet Oli, he’s a prat”

On the other hand, if I’m introduced as being well connected, I treat this as rather a compliment.  Which begs the question, why on earth would someone who intensely dislikes the word ‘networker’, blog under the name of Daily Networker?  And to this, reader, I have no smart answer, other than the idea that maybe, just maybe, such a reputation would be likely, over time, to attract interesting opportunities.  And if this happens, the least that I can do is to share them with you…

For web companies in London who are looking for office space, be sure to check out the guys at Huddle.  If you’re in the charity or social enterprise space, then Daily Networker (there I go again) favourite Henry Warren at has a couple of desks available too.

Well, the rumour turned out to be true and so I spent an incredibly enjoyable brunch on Saturday with Bruno Giussani, director of TED Global (thanks to the connecting brilliance of Polar Ben Saunders).  Bruno brought exciting news of TED’s next visit to the UK, so if you’d like a tip-off on the dates, then please do let me know.  Speaking of great events, have a little look at Picnic, happening this September in Amsterdam.  It looks great, doesn’t it?  Unsurprisingly (when you meet him), Bruno is on the advisory board of Picnic too.

I can’t talk about great events without saluting the eternal dynamo and social philanthropist that is Steve Moore for the quite exceptional execution of the Channel 4 sponsored 2Gether08.  Documented by many over blogs, videos and Twitter, the main site (under the talented eye of David Wilcox) captures much of the energy and life which made it a thoroughly enjoyable two days.  If 2Gether was a company, I’d want to work there.  And that, reader, is praise indeed, even from a Networker.


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  1. Hey Oli, hope you’re well. I’d love to hear more about TED’s next visit to the UK as I’m a big fan of their podcasts.

  2. Nice post Oli.

    Picnic is an amazing conference. I highly recommend it. It’s second only to SXSW in my opinion. Although I might change my mind if i ever get an invite to TED 😉

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