Blogging is Dead says Blogger on Brit Gossip Show

RIP by Disgrafia&Mook.

Listeners to this morning’s Today programme on the BBC, are told that “Blogging is Dead”.

“Says who?” wonders presenter John Humphrys

“Says Wired magazine“, replies Rory Cellan-Jones, the BBC’s excellent technology correspondent.

“Well who wrote the Wired magazine article?” I hear you ask.

Step forward Paul Boutin, who, as the Wired piece reminds us, is a correspondent for the Silicon Valley gossip site, Valley Wag;  A blog.

One can understand why this BBC show in particular would scratch their heads at this new wave of online output.  Gossip, tittle tattle, the ups and downs of personal relationships.  These are the things which the Today programme does best. 

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