Three Questions…

Three Questions…

January should be a month of new beginnings, of positive energy, and of big thinking. But if you’re not careful, it can be a time of scoffer’s remorse, of rain-soaked days and bleak expectations.

To cheer you through this, the first month of the year, I am going to suggest a little something which may seem more at home in the party season… I propose a game.

Don’t worry – this one doesn’t require silly hats or the removal of any items of clothing. In fact, it involves getting into bed with a well-known entrepreneur, being a multimillionaire, and running the country.

Sound good? Read on.

I’m going to ask you three questions. You don’t have to tell anyone the answers and you can return to this, or change your mind as the year goes on.

You may want to ask friends or colleagues the same questions. It’s up to you. I have found that the second question in particular makes for quite a good pub game.

Are you ready? Here goes:

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