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    Top Tips

    Friday 21st February 2014, 11:13am

    I was asked this recently;

    Great questions!

    Here were my replies;

    Advice I wish I’d been given earlier…

    1) Exercise. Great for the body and the mind. It unleashes all kinds of positive energy and ideas.

    2) Write to people you admire and ask to go and pick their brains over a quick coffee. You may be surprised who says yes. Similarly,  if you’re in the same room or corridor,  say hello and you never know where it may lead.


    1) Travel. Get outside of the UK to absorb different ideas and ways of living.

    2) Choose your reaction. If something challenging happens,  you don’t have to react negatively. It’s your choice. That was probably my single biggest realisation. Taking that one step further, make a conscious decision to act in a positive way. It makes all the difference.

    What would your answers have been?

    One Response to “Top Tips”

    1. Daniel Priestley says:

      I love Oli’s tips. They would be my first choices.

      To add some …

      1. Money doesn’t enter your business unless you’re solving a very real problem in a full and remarkable way for a person who can pay.

      2. Don’t wait for confidence. It comes and goes regardless of who you are. To be in business you have to play full out on any given day regardless of confidence.

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