Remember restaurants? Here’s a tip. Instead of asking the waiting staff “what do you recommend?”, try asking “what do you recommend, for someone who eats everything and is fairly hungry”. I guarantee the answers will be better.

Too often, the simple “what do you recommend?” gets the answer “it depends what you like” or “it depends how hungry you are”.

I’ve been thinking about questions because recently I’ve been kicking myself. For weeks, I’ve been asking people “what are the changes you’ve seen during the pandemic which you think are worth keeping?”. Time after time, I’ve heard an interesting but limited reflection around flexible or home working.

Instead, I should have asked this; “APART from more flexible and home working, what are the changes you’ve seen during the pandemic which are worth keeping? And HOW do we keep them”

This is a time when so many changes are worth exploring, and preserving.

  • How can funders remain this dynamic?
  • How can skills-based volunteering support people & places left behind?
  • How can some education programmes remain virtual
  • How do we “follow the science” on climate change?
  • How can we maintain this rise in community spirit?
  • How can a renewed belief in what’s possible be captured?

What about YOU? What’s your answer to my NEW question?

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