Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

As I boarded the train at Paddington, I suspected that I would be leaving London for some time. After four days of chairing two events, I put brochures, scripts and business cards into my backpack, and headed for home.

That evening, I said over dinner that I thought that we should prepare for six months without any live events. Unusually pessimistic. But, I was right.

I also confided that my hosting days were on hold, at least for now. I was wrong.

In the past seven days, I have hosted seven episodes of two different podcasts, filmed interviews with guests from Europe to the US, and chaired roundtables with contributors from London to Melbourne.

There have been wobbles, making things up, distractions. Wobbles, as a producer wondered why my camera kept moving. I didn’t like to admit that it was resting on the ironing board.

Making things up, as my shining forehead caused a colleague to request an urgent delivery of makeup.

Distractions, as the neighbours received a delivery on a recording day – of a small, shiny digger.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and I’m fortunate to work with some incredibly inventive people.

Who knows what will happen next. I don’t have the answers.

I’m just lucky to be asking some of the questions.

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